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Apple has take time out to celebrate the World Emoji Day by releasing and unveiling over 70 Emojis and they are said to appear on the next Apple devices later this year.

These new emojis are just too cool, imagine now you express your self just exactly as you want, while chatting. It makes one feels excited and engaged to the chat.

Apple released animal emojis like kangaroo, peacock, parrot and lobster.

World Emoji DayThere are also others like mooncake and cupcake.

World Emoji DayNo fear, human emojis were also added, like, curly hair, red heads and bald head.

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World Emoji DayApple operating system that is higher than version 12 are expected to receive the feature on the update. Subsequent updates like 12.1 version and more.

Happy World Emoji Day !!

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