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WhatsApp owned by Facebook is getting several new features in the recent times. The app has been getting many new features on a consistent basis. It is the beta versions of the app those have got the new features and the same have made their way into the stable version of the app.

The latest reports by WABetaInfo is that WhatsApp beta versions for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and WhatsApp Web or Desktop have received a slew of new features. We recently saw a report that WhatsApp Business will soon be launched as a standalone app. Also, the group admins got many new features in the recent beta update that gives them control to create restricted groups on the messaging platform.

One of the reports by WABetaInfo states that the WhatsApp Web version number 2.7315 has got two new changes. One is the Private Replies feature and the other is the Picture in Picture feature. When it comes to the app, WhatsApp for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with the beta versions 2.17.424, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437 have received features such as Tap to unblock user, New invite via link shortcut, Shake to report, and Admin settings. Here, we will share all these discovered features in detail.

Private Replies

The Private Replies is a new feature that has been found in the beta version of WhatsApp Web. This option called Reply Privately lets you send a private reply to a group message on selecting it.

Picture in Picture

The Picture in Picture feature lets users open a video in separate floating PiP video windows. There appears to be a new icon that will be available when you are watching the video after selecting this icon. Then, the picture in picture mode will start in a new window.

Tap to unblock user

This latest feature in the beta build will give an option where it is possible to just tap and hold any contact to unblock the person and send a message to the contact.

New invite via link shortcut

This new feature is available on WhatsApp for iOS and it is coming to Android soon. It lets admins send a link so that the interested members can join the group.

Admin Settings

The Settings will also be added to the app and give admins the controls of sending messages and editing the group info as we have seen earlier.

Other than these, there appears to be another new feature called Shake to report. This is an interesting feature that is available in the version number 2.17.437. It gives users to report the problems that they face with the current version of the app. To activate the feature, users need to just shake the device and it will open the Contact Us section of WhatsApp. It is claimed that this feature will work only in the beta versions.


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