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Its high time we talked about these Whatsapp features we wanna have but whatsapp don;t want to give us. When it comes to features, Whatsapp is way behind Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Though some new features had been added recently like Group invite links and also deleting of messages for everyone.

Whatsapp also introduced a business account recently but that isn’t the deal, some features which are so cool when had are still missing of the Whatsapp Messenger.

Cool Whatsapp Features we never had

  1. Super Moderator: I use to be an admin on a group, but as a result of me not being able to be online every time to control member, some take advantage and spam the group with irrelevant links. So I decided if I appoint someone who comes online regularly as admin, this should reduce the spam. But giving the person admin function only made him to be able to remove me.
    You see that definitely Whatsapp needs a super-admin features.
  2. Bot: Bots should be allowed to feature on whatsapp, although it is said bot are allowed on whatsapp, but I don’t believe that because Duta and some few bots are the only bot i ever met, i guess other get deactivated as soon as Whatsapp detects them. Bots are doing really great on Telegram and when i say really great i mean it.
  3. Games: I know Facebook Inc is the owner of both Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, so they won’t wanna make Whatsapp a complete replica of Facebook Messenger by giving them same feature hereby making them competitors.
    But then we Whatsapp users aren’t just the social addict we love games and we wanna play some real games, cause we are bored playing duta’s hangman and other games duta provides.
  4. Large No of People in a group: Right now the highest number of people allowed in a Whatsapp group is 256, which really sucks. As a blogger do i have to create several accounts for suscribers, share my link several times. The bigger a community the more likely it is to develop.
  5. Secret Messages: This are message which are super encrypted, this feature is currently being used by Telegram. I bet whatsapp will do better with it if integrated.

Whatsapp future is at risk because its not following trends, Telegram its major competitor ain’t resting, upgrading daily. Telegram beats Whatsapp with virtually everything:

  • Better end to end encryption
  • Availability of Bots
  • Creation of Channels
  • Secret Messages
  • Large Member
  • Anti-Spam Bots
  • etceteria

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