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Android 8 Oreo is the latest operating system (OS) of Android at the time of this post and it came packed with full of security enhancements.

Some of the security are: making it safer to get apps, dropping insecure network protocols, providing more user control over identifiers,hardening the kernel, making Android easier to update, all the way to doubling the Android Security Rewards payouts.

SAFER INSTALLATION: The Operating system came with smart features you never knew has been protecting your smartphone phone and data, such as safer install of apps that comes from unknown sources. This will protect your phone from unauthorized access or malwares.

ROLLBACK PREVENTION: This Android 8 Oreo feature helps you to make your operating system balance by preventing hackers from resetting your phone to an older OS version which could be vulnerable to an exploit. This will definitely make your phone vulnerable to their attacks. They can send you malware and other virus.

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OEM LOCK HARDWARE ABSTRACTION LAYER (HAL): This prevents your phone from being reset without your security credentials. Imagine, losing your phone data after unexpected reset from hackers, this will of course cause an excruciating pain. If your device is stolen, these safeguards are designed to prevent your device from being reset and to keep your data secure.

You enjoy maximum security with the new Android 8 Oreo operating system. You can view more of how the security works via the Android developer post.

Credits: Prexblog

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