13 Best PSP Games Under 100MB Download (2023)

Download the best PSP games that are under 100MB in highly Compressed size for Android, PC, and iOS. Games for Ppsspp have been around for a very long time and continue to provide gamers with quality.

The PSP, also referred to as the PlayStation Portable, is a handheld game console that can be played while connected to a television. Regarding graphics and gameplay, the two gaming systems are almost similar.

Therefore, I’m going to list the top PSP games under 100 MB today. Please read the full article to avoid missing anything. These games will help you in saving your mobile data plan as well as your phone’s storage.

These games I’m listing are interesting to play on your mobile device and were hand-selected from a variety of genres, including action, racing, sports, and more.

I won’t say much more because I just listed how interesting it is to play these games. I will now post them below along with a direct download link (no shortening link). Also keep in mind that these games have excellent gameplay and graphics; you shouldn’t assume that just because a game is under 100MB in size that the graphics will be poor.

List Of PSP Games Under 100MB With Direct Download Link

Here is a list of the top PSP games for Android that are under 100MB in size. Click the download button below and select any game you wish to play.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

One of the top PSP games for Android is God of War: Chains of Olympus.

This game is among the best of all time because of its engaging storyline. God of War being included on the list of PSP games under 100MB will no doubt surprise you.

You need not, however, be shocked. This game is reduced down to only 80MB in size, making it accessible to almost everyone. Play the game once more as Kratos to protect the city from the Persian assault. Click the link below to download.

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2. Spider-Man

Spiderman is a different top PSP game that you need to install and play. If you see the Spider-Man movie, you’ll probably enjoy playing the game. I find it very interesting how Spider-Man performs his mission. How do you imagine yourself flying throughout the city—quite exciting, huh? The difference between this and previous times is that this time, you fly and control Spider-Man yourself.

You can play Spiderman, an open-world game where you can fly about the city, with just a 100MB data plan and 100MB of available storage on your device, plus an additional 200MB of space. You only need to download the game using the button below, extract it, and then you can begin playing.

3. WWE 2K16

A wrestling game worth including on this list is WWE 2k16. WWE 2k16 may appear older than it actually is, but it is still too young to be left around and not played. A number of game modes and attractive graphics are included in this game.

WWE 2k16 Almost all players are featured; you can select the characters you want to play with, including Triple H, John Cena, and many others.

4. Moto GP

Another interesting PSP game that is under 100MB in size is MotoGP. One of the best bike racing games available for the PSP is this one. You compete against other players, and your primary objective is always to place in the top three. Although your ability to race depends on your ability to complete missions, some missions—like the time trial, drifting, and many others—are meant to test your speed. But the objective is typically to win the race.

With all the features I stated above, this game is under 100MB in size, which adds to its attraction. which you may download and play without needing a large data plan or a lot of device storage.

5. Coded Arms

Coded Arms is an action game, which to you can engage in with a variety of modern guns and weaponry.

You should probably give this a try if you enjoy playing action games. Because this game is based on science fiction, there are numerous science fiction guns and weapons to be found.

This game’s missions are more interesting because they don’t only have to be finished.

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6. Tekken 7

Tekken 7 is a fighting game just Like the PSP fighting game “Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max,”. This game stands out to be among one of the best fighting psp games, thanks to its excellent graphics and features.

In the two-player (versus) fighting game Tekken 7, you must defeat your opponent in order to advance to the next level. Since Tekken 7 is under 100MB in size and is therefore simple to download and play on almost all devices, it is worth playing on your Android phone.

7. Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

Do you enjoy playing fighting games? If so, one of the best fighting games to play on a PSP emulator is this one.

You must knock down your opponent to win this game and advance to the next level. You must watch the time and your blood guage while playing this game. because if you have less blood when the clock runs out, your opponent wins by default.

There are a total of 38 characters available to play in this game, and each one has a unique fighting ability.

8. The Godfather: Mob Wars

Another top PSP game that is smaller than 100MB in size is The Godfather: Mob Wars. In the action game Godfather: Mob War, you will use weapons to defeat your enemies. This game is worth playing because it has so many features. A map around your screen top will let you know what’s happening in the area and let you know when enemies are coming your way so you can prepare.

This game can be downloaded with a single click and saved immediately to your phone or computer’s storage. Using the Ppsspp emulator app, extract and play.

9. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Another top PSP game that is under 100MB in size is Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Need for Speed has existed for a long time, but the edition we’re listing here is Need for Speed Most Wanted. The fact that this game is a classic racing game lets it stand out on its own. To become the new boss, you race through different cities and defeat the best racers in each one.

To win medals and trophies, race against other Racers and defeat them. Game of Speed For a faster download, Most Wanted has been compressed to less than 100MB. Simply copy the download URL, paste it in your downloader, and then download, extract, and play the game.

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10. FIFA 20

Another interesting PSP game under 100MB in size is FIFA 20. On your Android phone, you should try playing this football soccer game. You can participate in different of tournaments in this game, including the Champions League, Cup, League 1 League, Spanish League, Premier League, and many others.

In a soccer game, FIFA 20 offers almost 2020 players and improvements. You, your smartphone, and your data plan are all that this game costs. You can download this game for free from any place of the world. The biggest feature of this game is that it has interesting gameplay and beautiful graphics.

11. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Impact

Video games with a Naruto theme are very popular and always very entertaining. There are seven more PPSSPP Naruto games that may be downloaded.

Additionally, 10 Naruto PS2 ISO games are playable on Android using PPSSPP; if you’re a fan of the series, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy it.

12. Sonic Rivals

The last game on our list of PPSSPP games under 100MB is Sonic Rivals. As you may have be aware, nobody can catch Sonic because of his incredible speed.

In this style of racing game, you can compete against other Sonics to win. There are lots of coins to acquire as you race, and as you do so, additional game items will become available.

How To Download and Install PSP Games Under 100MB on Android

Here is a complete guide that will help you in downloading and installing PSP games that you download from the PSP Games under 100MB category. To ensure a proper installation, simply follow each step as instructed below.

Step 1: Choose a game from the list above and download it, make that you complete the download.

Step 2: Extract the game file (most PSP games come with a.zip extension, which you must convert to its correct file extension, which is .iso or.cso); either of these methods will work).

Step 3: Extract the psp game file to your internal or external storage, PSP Folder > Game, then close it and locate the game with your Ppsspp emulator.

Step 4: Finally, have fun playing.


Wow, we’ve reached the post’s final section at last. We have listed the top PSP games under 100MB that you can play on your Android phone, and we also give you a straightforward tutorial on how to quickly download and set up the game. More games will be added, and this post will be updated often. You can bookmark this page for quick access to this list and to receive updates right away.

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