11 Best PPSSPP (PSP) Games For 2GB RAM Android Phones In 2023

These are the list of PSP games for 2GB Ram Android Phones. These PSP games are playable on 2GB Ram Android devices, 2GB Ram devices serve to be mid-range spec devices. Most games can be played on this device while most can not be played. So here I will list out the best ppsspp games you can play on your 2GB RAM Android Phone, yeah you should not be left out too. One of the reasons I intend to write on this topic is that most people find it difficult to download PSP games compatible with their Android devices. Users may find it difficult to have a smooth gaming experience, which this problem does cause by the phone not being compatible with the game.

Below you’ll find out the best PSP games compatible with 2GB RAM Android devices.

List Of Best PPSSPP (PSP) Games For 2GB Ram Android Phones In 2022

Below you’ll find the list of best ppsspp games playable on 2GB RAM Android Phones with a direct download link for each game.

1. Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories


GTA – Vice City Stories is one of the popular open-world games. This game makes very huge sales for the PSP Game handled version and game console version. GTA – Vice City Stories featured good graphics and controls. In GTA – Vice City Stories a player has access to many things in real life, a player can drive cars, boats, bikes and fly a helicopter. This game is tested and suitable to play on 2GB RAM Android Phones without any lagging when playing.

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2. WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2011

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 seems to be old but believe me, this game is worth giving a trial on your 2GB RAM Android phones. This game featured realistic gameplay. In this game, you’ll have access to play many careers leagues that will prove that you deserve the best watch belt. I recommend downloading this game on your android phone.

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3. Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines


Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines is one of the popular open-world games. This game has a huge number of plays, and it featured a very good storyline. This game has many quests to complete. That gives you the best of special skills and abilities to kill enemies. And about the gameplay and graphics, this game has beaten this part with good grades. Get it downloaded on your 2GB Android Phone with a one-click download button.

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4. Tomb Raider Legend


Tomb Raider – Legend is one of the best action PSP Games you can download and play on your low-end phone, without any lag. This game is quite old but still getting new gamers jumping on it, Gamers love this game because of the good storyline it has. you’ll play the star “Lara Croft”. This game has good graphics and gameplay. I’ll probably say that you should give this game a trial if you love playing adventure and action games.

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5. Dead To Right – Reckoning


Dead To Right – Reckoning is one of the best action shooting games on PSP. This game has a good storyline, which makes you investigate some bad gangsters. this game featured a multiplayer mode, in which your friend can help you out in doing the missions. Dead To Right – Reckoning is featured with the best graphics look and good gameplay. That makes this game stand out from the best list of third-person shooting games. Fight your enemies with the best weapons. Download Below with one click button click.

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6. God Of War – Ghost Of Sparta


GOD OF WAR – Ghost of Sparta is one of the most played PSP games. Almost every gamer plays this game, because of its Good storyline, graphics, and Realistic actions in the game. Kratos Is the star of this game and fighting for revenge against his father Zeus. This game featured mysterious skills and worthy action scenes. you are to fight so many bad evils to reach the last boss (zeus) for the last freedom of revenge. I recommend downloading and playing this game on your low-end android phone, this game required at least 2GB of RAM for Android which is all about this post.

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7. Manhunt 2


Manhunt 2 is another popular PSP game Playable on 2GB RAM Android Phones without lag. This PSP game is under the category of horror game, which comes from rockstar games, as we know rockstar games develop many popular games like GTA Games, Bully And more. Manhunt 2 is also from them, this game has a good storyline, good graphics and perfect gameplay. If you like playing horror games then I recommend you this game.

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8. Gun Showdown


Gun Showdown is another popular PSP Game playable on 2GB RAM Android phones without lag. This game is an action shooting game that can be played in the third person and first-person shooter. This game is based on the Cowboy culture that the character you’re controlling is in the Cowboy’s look. I Recommend you download and play Gun Showdown PSP Game on your 2GB RAM android phone.

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9. The Warriors


The Warriors is one of the best action PSP games you can play on a 2GB RAM android phone. The game features street life battling with their rival gangs. This game is developed by rockstar games and features many actions. This game can be played on 2GB RAM Android devices without lag. I recommend you download the warriors PSP game on your android phone if you want to experience how street life goes.

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10. GodFather – Mob Wars


GodFather – Mob Wars is another popular PSP you can download and play on your mid-end spec device. This game features very good graphics and a storyline that make it one of the most amazing mafia killing game. This game is well optimised for a smooth gaming experience on your 2GB RAM Android devices, so no need to be thinking if possible to play without lag on your device. I recommend that you download and play this mafia game on your android phone.

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11. PES 2022


PES is one of the best soccer games, this game can be played on gaming consoles but not just on PSP. It has a huge number of downloads and gamers playing from different parts of the world. When talking about a soccer game, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) stand among the best soccer games you can enjoy playing with a realistic experience. I will recommend downloading and playing this game on your android device since it doesn’t require a high-end spec android phone.

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These are the best PSP games you can download and play on a 2GB RAM Android phone. These games stand to be listed from different PSP games categories. I will recommend that you bookmark this page for the first reach free updates. Have any issues when trying to download any of these games or games not compatible with your phone? you can drop your phone specs via the comments box below so we can games for you.

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