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NNU Income Program is a one in a million, this program pays people to do what everyone does virtually every day, the world is so advanced that most people don’t buy newspaper anymore, we get news updates right in our mails and our favorite website.

NNU decided to exploit that, creating a program in which its users get paid to login daily, comment on posts, and also share sponsored posts on the famous social network Facebook.
You might be wondering isn’t this a scam, like MMM was. But I assure you NNU is a scam-proof initiative. Moreover it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Every money you make on NNU is to be earned.

On NNU’s official website they define their initiative as “an initiative conjoined with Nigeria New Update platform, A program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for participant to earn passive income on monthly basis.”

To clear you doubt I will explain in details how this NNU Income Program works.

How NNU Income Program Works

Every business must have a means of financing itself, NNU is no different. NNU operates its advertising scheme, where advertiser pay to get on the sponsored post for the day.

NNU Income opportunity was created by Paul Samson, the owner of, and others. One thing known is that this guy has been legit from day 1. No tint on his records till today.

Without making a fuss of everything lets get started. NNU operates a 2 way Income Opportunity;

  1. NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing
  2. NAP: NNU Affiliate Program
  • NARS: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing: NARS offers there means of earning.
    Daily Login: Active users get paid #50 (Fifty Naira). So for a month you get paid #50*30 = #1500.
    Reading News and Dropping Comment: When you read an article on the website, and you drop a comment thereafter, you get paid #2 naira, it used to be #1 before but it got increased. Note: If you drop useless comments such as lol or congrats etc, you won’t get paid for such comment. Also, spamming isn’t an option. NNU uses a comment system called disqus which automatically detects spamming. So don’t spam.
    Sharing Sponsored Post: Sponsored post are assigned daily to members’ dashboard where they can be accessed.  These sponsored posts are to be shared on your Facebook account. After viewing the sponsored post click on the “Click Here to Earn” below the post. By doing this signifies that you already shared the sponsored post.  Sharing a sponsored post gives an earning of #100 (Hundred Naira), that is #3,600 (Three Thousand Six Hundred Naira) per month. Note: You don’t get paid sharing other posts on any social network of your choice. On the pay day, which is 27th of every month, your Facebook timeline will be reviewed to confirm if these posts were truly shared.Read Also – How to get your Instagram account verified
  • NAP: NNU Affiliate Program: After your account is approved a said referral link is assigned to each member. As an affiliate, you earns huge commission of 62.5% per referral on anyone who join NNU income through your referral link and get approved. When you introduce your friends or anyone to participate in NNU Income earning opportunity, you earn instant 62.5% = N1,000 naira commission when anyone successfully register on NNU Income Program through your referral link and get approved. The more people you refer, the more you earn. This is the best areas to exploit because its easiest way to make money.
    Your referral earning + Daily login earning + Commenting + sharing post on Facebook could earn you at least N50,000 Naira or more every month.
    NNU Income Program

How to get Referals for the NNU Affiliate Program

  • Shorten your affiliate link so that people won’t know until they get to the link.
  • Share across all social media account you have.
  • Make use of forums like Nairaland.
  • Dream big, target Non-Nigerians.

How to join the NNU Income Program

To join NNU community, you need to purchase NNU Income Program Pack with a token amount of N1,600 Naira only (one time payment). Your application will only get approved when you have successfully purchase and pay for this pack. So make sure you have your N1,600 Naira ready before you proceed to registration. There are 2 ways to join the NNU Income Program; The Coupon Code Method and the Paystack Method.

NNU Income Program – Coupon Code Method

This method might take time, but its not the worst.

We recommend making payment online or using coupon code purchased from NNU Coupon distributors below:

Akpoguma Robor08021365032First Bank
Udueni Anthonia08100861127GTBank
Tishe Mariam07063139613GTBank, First Bank
Nenuwe Rachael08034870242First Bank
Ufo Blessing 07034991014Eco Bank
Williams Johnson08166169415Zenith
Shafiu Idris Siaky08063473633First Bank
Efekodo Jeremiah 07032431952UBA, First Bank
Abigail Oni 08050643304GTBank, First Bank
Saliu Olamide M.08176361051GTBank
Effiom Kingsley08129418222Access Bank
John Adewale 08033702226Access Bank
Segun Adegbite09074577191GTBank
Uzoma Amaechi 08037859257UBA, GTBank, Diamond
Egu Chris07062434715UBA
Obiji Emmanuel 08037803246Zenith, Access Bank
Okeke Stanislaus08162199026GTBank
Babatunde Dada08122208387GTBank
Daniel Brown09060051781
David Ahaoma 08167362160UBA, Diamon, Sky Bank
Mabel Ighedosa 08189720794Access Bank
Oyinlola Akeem08033535054
Esowe Uchenna P. 08101551081UBA
Michael Okoroafor08035327117
Raji Ibrahim Ebright07083209501UBA, Sterling Bank
BLAZE SAMUEL  09055334131Access Bank
Christopher Ndon P. 08166183888GTBank
Paul Joseph  08069080289GT, Access, Diamond
Olubode Joshua Opeyem07067160277GTBank, Sterling Bank
Alero Akporidevo 08061397299GTBank
Oladunmomi Timothy08131119801GTBank
Jof Aaron 09026256770 Eco Bank
Amoye Promise 08129669247First, UBA, GTBank,

These people can be accessed on whatsapp. Message them and they would send you an account number to pay to. Do these and send proofs of payment, and you would be sent a coupon code immediately if the proof is verified.
Then Firstly follow this link, insert your coupon code there, fill the remaining boxes with your details and submit.


NNU Income Program – Paystack Method

  • Click here to register
  • Choose the paystack option
  • You have to have a debit card. You would use this in the payment.
  • And your account will be approved immediately.

NNU Income FAQ

This is drawn from the website’s frequently asked questions:

Is Multiple Account Allowed?

No! Multiple account is not allowed.

Can I Use One Email Address To Register More Than One Account?

No. This is because your email helps you to reset your password when the need arises, hence; resetting and retrieving your password would be difficult if the registration of multiple accounts with one email is allowed.

Can I Register More Than One NNU Account Using Similar Bank Account?

NO. It is not possible.

What is Coupon Code How Can I Get One?

Coupon code or e-pin or voucher is the new payment method for instant approval without delay. This is a combination of few alphabet in form of code that you need to  purchase from NNU Coupon code distributors and apply on registration page. Once its applied. Check your dashboard if you are a registered member to see distributors list otherwise.

How Do I Request For Payment?

We payout every 27th – 30th or the end of the month depending on how much we are paying out and how long the payroll monthly.

You need to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and your eligible unpaid share earnings will be sent to your bank account on our next payout date. But if you want to retain your earning to accumulate and cash out whenever you want you don’t need to make a withdrawal till whenever you are ready.

When you make a withdrawal request, your profile and activities will be checked, if you are not eligible, you will get a reply before or during the next payout starting from 27th of the month including the reason why you may not get paid yet. If you are eligible, your withdrawal will be recorded for payout with a reply as well. To get paid on the 27th – 30th or the end month, you must make a withdrawal request when you are willing to cash out before the 25th of the month.

Any withdrawal request from 27th day of the month will be carried over to the following month. Starting from 27th payout day, eligible withdrawals starting from referral earners will get paid first from the month revenue as usual. If revenue is enough, the remnant will be shared with other withdrawals without referral earning. Peradventure you didn’t get paid for the month after recording your withdrawal, it means revenue is not enough to pay you which means your payout will then be carried over to the next month and you need to make a withdrawal again.

Before you can make a withdrawal, please take note and make sure that;

1, You have earned enough with the minimum amount of N5,000 including referral earning as the case may be.

2, You can only make a withdrawal request once in a month as we payout monthly.

Multiple withdrawal request will be discarded and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

3, You must be ready to cash out your earning. So, if you feel your earning is not enough to cash-out, you can always retain it till whenever you are ready.

4, Withdrawal rules must be followed to make sure everything is well regulated. Else, you may not be attended to for that month.

Is There Any Hiding Fee / Payment?

No, when you activate your NNU account by purchasing a onetime income pack of N1,600, you will NEVER AGAIN be asked to pay any other fees.

How Can I Update My Bank Account After Registration?

You can provide your bank account details where you want us to pay to when making withdrawal, and you can also update your bank account in your profile menu from your dashboard with this  Format sample: UBA, Paul Samson, 2061041888


Personal Review of the NNU Income Opportunity / Program

I call it one of a kind, unlike the get-rich-quick schemes, you have to work for your money. And its gives you that feeling you get when you come back from your work-place. You know you work for your money.

The price of #1600 is something anyone can afford, paying on 27th is even faster than when the government pays and also their email support issa bae.

Happy Earning with NNU Income Program / Opportunity.

If have any question, kindly use the comment box.



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