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Moonsy is that website that provides webmasters with tools such as checking Semrush metrics, domain age, google keyword position, Alexa rank, and list of expired domains.

As a beginner or even veteran blogger, seo tools such as page and domain authority checker, moz rank checker, keyword research tools etc are needed to rank on search engines.

I will review each tools provided by Moonsy, and the most exciting of these is that all these tools are provided for free:

Moonsy Tools Review

  1. SEMRUSH Traffic Checker
  2. Check domain age
  3. Domain to IP
  4. My IP
  5. Alexa Rank checker
  6. DMOZ directory checker
  7. Page Authority checker
  8. mozRank checker
  9. Google keyword
  10. Domain Authority checker
  11. Expired Domains


  1. SEMRUSH Traffic Checker: Semrush is a paid tool and one of the best of its type, provides you with domain and keyword statistics. This websites integrates that and provides you with statistics like
    • Keywords
    • Traffic
    • Cost
    • Semrush Rank


  2. Check domain age: Domain age is useful in google and alexa ranking metrics, Moonsy provides you with this domain age checker
  3. Domain to IP: Moonsy also offers domain to IP, every website has a unique domain name like ours is, for every unique domain name is a unique IP it points to.
  4. My IP: Everyone on Internet has an IP address, with this tool you can check your IP address.
  5. Alexa Rank Checker: Alexa ranks sites based on the amount of traffic they get, it also ranks globally and based on countries.
  6. Dmoz Directory checker: Dmoz is the largest web director, with this you can check if your site is listed. Note Dmoz has been officially closed.Moonsy
  7. Page Authority Checker: Developed by Moz, it ranks a site based on number of backlinks, seo etc using a scale of 1-100. The greater a site’s Page Authority, the higher it ranks on search engine.
  8. MozRank Checker: MozRank is provided by seomoz and meaning value of page for search engines. This measure from 0.00 (no value) for 9.99 (high value) depending from backlinks to page and linking websites quality. Good websites with many backlinks which linking your page give highly value of Moz Rank
  9. Google Keyword Position Checker: Google position checker is dedicated to find all ranked pages with specified keyword and domain in google ranking. Allows to check google position for single keyword for many domains at once. This is very useful if you have several micro-sites and using them for linking your main money site with the same keywords.
  10. Domain Authority Checker: Domain Authority is provided by Moz, this metric is at domain level, it meaning that each url/page under one domain will return same value, unlike page authority which is url metric. Both of metrics use logarithmic value from 0 to 100 – more difficult increase DA from 20 to 30, than from 10 to 20.
  11. Expired Domains: Old expiring domains are much better in compare to new registered. At first have some traffic, backlinks and some of them also PR (Page rank). Usually are indexed in major search engines, sometimes also listed in DMOZ, Yahoo directory and Google directory. Expired domains are also much better for search engine optimalization, make this process much easier, because have trust and age history. Who thinking seriusly about make a SEO, buying expired domain name with traffic and inbound links. With Moonsy you will never miss that expiring domain name never again

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