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Television, a.k.a TV has been around for decades providing us with an endless amount of entertainments including, movies, some best TV series, and cartoons, which we love and cherish till now. However, there many facts that we might not know about TV and we present you 15 amazing facts about TV you didn’t know.

Television became widely popular after the end of World War II. Statistically, over 1 million American homes had a television in 1948.

The first television advertisement ever was broadcasted on July 1, 1941, in New York. The advertisement was for Bulova Watch and lasted a total of 20 seconds.

As per the studies, it says that only 18 percent of unwanted television sets were recycled between 2006 and 2007.

An average 65-year-old person sees over 2 million TV commercials during his life.

As the Internet started growing, more and more people are watching television programs on their smartphones.

The most expensive TV ad ever made cost around $33 million for a channel advertisement that starred Nicole Kidman.

In 1997, a monkey was arrested in the African state of Benin for stealing a television aerial.

Most people dream in color, but those that grew up watching black and white television often dream in black and white.

The inventor of the modern television, Philo Farnsworth, wouldn’t let his kids watch TV.

Simpsons is the longest-running animated TV series in the US.

Soon after President Kennedy died in 1963, TV networks broadcast 4 days of non-stop coverage of his funeral and burial, which cost them $100 million in lost advertising revenue.

The word “television” entered the English language in 1907 and was coined by the Russian scientist, Constantin Perskyi.

The first TV remote control was created in 1950 by Zenith and was connected to a television by a wire.

And, the Game of Thrones has been voted as the most-bingeable show of all in the survey.

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