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Instagram is the home to more than a billion users, consisting of several persons, celebrities, companies, businesses etc. You might have come across several celebrities like CRonaldo, Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump and several others having a blue tick after the names. Well before there wasn’t any known way to do these, but one thing was sure these people get the tick. Before now, there has been no clear process for getting that small but cherished blue check-mark. And because a lot of people wants the verification so bad, coupled with the lack of transparency about how to get verification. Recently Instagram rolled out a new option which allows anyone or you to be able to get your Instagram account verified. In this tutorial am going to show you how to get your Instagram account verified.

I wrote a post recently on how to find serial key of any software, you should read it, it might come in handy. If you notice Instagram has a lot of account bearing several celebrities name but which are not owned by the celebrity in question. But when the celebrity or you know how to get get you Instagram account verified you can then ward off ever scammer trying to make a mess of your name.

Another reason is that uncommon things give one a great sense of dignity and pride, like when programming was still at the stage machine language – no other advanced languages, programmers then find coding really hard and hectic, but they still have this pride because they believe they are doing the almost impossible.

The blue tick mark that pops up next to the name of an account is Instagram’s way of letting you know that the people who run the account are who they say they are. Though Instagram does not keep an eye on verified accounts, it can revoke the verified status if the account ever starts to break rules.

How to request for Instagram verification.

verify instagram accountFill out the form and upload your ID card. Your voter’s card, National ID card International passport, driver’s license or any government issued ID card with your photo will work fine. Please note that It must show your name and date of birth.

Instagram Verification Process

After filling the form, please be patient because like i wrote above “how to request Instagram verification“, you are requesting for your Instagram account’s verification. So wait for a while till you get a notification from Big Brother Instagram.

If you encountered any problem while getting your Instagram account verified or you don’t still understand how to verify your Instagram account. Please notify me through the comment section.

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How to get your Instagram account verified
Recently Instagram rolled out a new option which allows anyone or you to be able to get your Instagram account verified.
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