How To Check My Date Of Birth On My First Bank Account (2023)

In Nigeria, the idea of the BVN (Bank Verification Number) is well-established. The information you provide via your Bank Verification link, including your date of birth, Bank Verification number, phone number, and the name associated with your account, is therefore readily accessible. We’ll go over every tip there is for finding your date of birth on your First Bank account in this article.

First, take note that you don’t need to go to a First Bank branch to obtain a few data about your BVN. Check out the steps listed below that you can take to get your information.

How to check my date of birth on my First Bank account

The BVN Validation Portal

You may quickly obtain all the information you want regarding your BVN via this portal. There are, however, a few conditions that make this procedure fairly secure.

You will need to first show your bank verification number. Twenty-five naira will also be deducted from your bank account.

Once that is resolved, use any Internet Browser of your choosing to log into the NIBSS BVN verification portal.

You will then be asked to provide your date of birth and bank verification number. The birthdate you provide must match the one you provided during the verification process.

To make the 25NGN payment, click the Search button and then continue. When you’re finished, a page with all of your BVN information will appear on your screen.


Although this method is very simple, it could not provide you with all the information you require. To begin, dial *565*0#. Keep in mind that the phone number you dial must match the one you used to validate the BVN.

To put it simply, the phone number must be connected to the BVN. However, in some circumstances, you can change the linked phone number. For more information, look at the following;

  • When your phone is lost
  • each time you change networks
  • In situations where you must move to another network because of problems with one
  • Finding your missing SIM is difficult

Even if any of these situations take place, you must be able to provide certain important information before you are granted full access to the BVN.

  • Your bank’s verification number must be known. Typically, this number has eleven digits.
  • the name you entered when registering for the BVN. The name is usually the same as the account holder’s name.
  • the birthdate you entered when you verified your account.
  • Your country’s identification number.
  • Your new mobile number, which you want to replace your current one with.

Unfortunately, there is no online service accessible for updating BVN-related information. You must physically visit a First Bank office in your area and provide your information.

However, you must visit the customer service department of any First Bank Branch close to you if you want to check the details of your BVN at a bank. In addition to using the BVN, you might look up your birth certificate.

In either case, your bank considers that you are aware of the date of birth you provided when opening your account.

Therefore, there isn’t really a process you need do specifically to check your date of birth on a First Bank account.

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