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Google has been a bad ass right from day one, we wanna know about something all we just do is search google right, the technology giant has been offering us so many services which are almost or entirely free. Now i come to wonder how does this company make money or profit. I bet even you don’t know. Well, Well, Well the Answer is Ads. About 67-68% of Google’s annual revenue was made up by ads till 2016, with the inclusion of the advertising network, this has gone up to 90%. o. Google decided to surprised a lot of people by making an announcement in April 2017 about their plan to add an inbuilt ad blocker to their browser, Chrome.

This move even got me thinking how on earth was this company not going to crash, the ad-blocker became available on the 15th of February, the blocker will not remove every ad on the site, only the ones that do not meet the Better Ads Standard. This was set up by the Coalition for Better Ads.

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Now lets get to the day’s job, if you actually are tired of these ads which seems like they are stalking you, all you need to do is just follow the step below:

1)Launch your chrome browser app.

2) Access the settings of Google Chrome by tapping on the three-dot menu available on the home screen.

3) After this has been done, select the “Site Settings” and then choose “Ads.”

4) There will be a toggle available here which can be disabled if you do not wish to see ads.

Note: This function will only blocks the sites that have failed to fulfill the Better Ads Standards and  not all ads.

If you encountered any problem you can indicate in the comment box. Thank you.


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