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For some while Glo, the grandmaster of data has unlocked their server, thereby allowing for free browsing, using several apps like Anonytun VPN, XP Psiphon and currently UC Mini Handler, which bloggers crooned as Glo 0.0kb cheat.

To activate this UC Mini Handler cheat you have to make sure you have no credit on that sim, well if you have doesn’t mean it won’t connect. It just means your balance is at stake. Follow the steps below and get connected!!

1.  Download this UC Mini Handler via here. It was developed by Dzebb.
2. Then, launch the app and configure only these settings:

  •  Mark Remove Port.
  • Use Real Host as Proxy Type.
  • Use as Proxy Server.
  • Leave others at default.

Uc Mini Handler

3. Now, tap on “OK” button to save as your UC Mini Handler will open next.
4. Then, go to any site and start downloading.

Note: If you have a problem downloading with the UC Mini Handler, follow these steps below:

  1. Go to proxy website.
  2. Copy and paste the “final download link” of the file you want to download in the box provided on the website.

Did you encounter problem, or you wanna tell me how blazing your downloads are going, kindly use the comment box.

Sharing is caring!