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The glo 0.0kb cheat which has been offline for a couple of month is now back but with new setting. The cheat which everyone thought is forever gone is back with a promising future. Around September or so last year Glo discovered that people were able to browse without data on their sim using several vpns such as Psiphon, Anonytun, Queencee etc and also Uc Mini handler.

Chrome browser data saving feature can now download news articles for offline access

In an attempt to stop this Glo stopped their sim’s data from coming on unless there is data on that sim. But right now its been confirmed that Glo sims can turn on data without having data. To cut the long story short I will show you the necessary procedures to activate this blazing Glo 0.0kb cheat.

Firstly you need a vpn which is Anonytun VPN – Download here

Install and turn on your data.

Navigate to Stealth Setting, and turn it on.

glo 0.0kb cheat

Select and edit the Custom TCP/HTTP Header

Glo 0.0kb cheat

Fill in as below:


Request Method: POST

Injection Method: Normal.

Tick Online Host, Keep-Alive and User Agent.

Connect and you are god to go.

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