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Are you trying to find the phone number of that your long time friend, or you have been asking yourself the same question “how to find phone numbers by name?“or someone you just met and you know the person only by name. Well you are at the right place because in the next few minutes your problem will be gone. Gone are those days when you had to buy a telephone directory to search for relevant phone numbers of people living near you or far away from you.

How To Find Phone Numbers By Name

There are several ways to find phone numbers by name and today I would be writing on most of them.

True Caller


I personally use this app and i find it so superior to any other caller app you can ever suggest in this universe. True caller is yet the best of them which can do this work quickly and provides you with every possible number by entering phone numbers. Not just that can describe its potential, but there is much more to discover about it. If you want to search for phone numbers, then download this beautiful app on your mobile right now from this .

After you download that, go and open the app. Now, it will present you with a registration screen. Yes, you have to register yourself on this app before you can start surfing for numbers. Just fill up your name, mobile number and E-mail address to get started. As soon as you do that, you will receive an OTP (One-Time-Password) to verify your identity.

On the top, there is the search tool to type names and get available numbers for that identity. You can not only search for numbers; also, you can block specific numbers which are irritating or disturbing you. To do that, refer this guide.

That’s not the end of it! You will also get a replacement dialer app complimentary. Unlike others, it’s just not a simpler dialer app which gives you a better interface to use, but you have many other features which will manipulate you to choose True caller only. Wait a minute, just not a dialer you will also get a messaging app which allows you to block specific numbers to stop receiving SMSs. It will also provide you an environment similar to iMessage.

Because of tons of feature in a small size, this app has got Editor’s Choice tag too on the Google Play Store. It is available to download on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.

Reverse Phone Lookup

This isn’t an app like the first one i mention above, its a website you can look up for a phone number using names on its database. Just land on the web page where you can search and just type the name you will get results in no time. You can use this site as an alternative to a physical telephone directory. There are several other sites too, but this is the best.


This is just another app similar to truecaller. Like both of them, allows you to search for the owner of that number or to find the number of the registrant. This app is not bounded with this feature only; you can change your caller ID to place prank calls to someone but, this only works with few cellular networks and in limited locations. You can download this app with this link.

You still couldn’t find that phone number or you find the process cumbersome. You could just search for the person name on a social media probably Facebook or you could use a search engine like google or yahoo. With all these you should be able to know how to find phone numbers by name.

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