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I personally had gone through hell, trying couple of times trying to create a Nigerian personal paypal account, but each time failing, and like people used to say, “winners never quit, quiters never win”.

Here are the steps you take in creating your Nigerian paypal personal account:

  1. Go to the official paypal account , then click on sign up for free, this should take you to the first stage of form filling.

Nigerian Paypal          If you are not using a vpn (virtually protected network) then you should have your country as Nigeria.

2. After inputting your details correctly you should be directed to the next stage of form fillingNigerian Paypal          As i stated earlier that i once used to be a victim of not being able to complete this process, the main place that gives me a slight headache then is the postal code, though it is said to be optional, i couldn’t create the account without it, the solution is to input:

Postal code (optional): 00176-0000

And then you are good to go!

Note: Your comments are very much appreciated.


Sharing is caring!