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Chrome browser eases the way through no more waste of data swiping through some article when chrome browser could virtually download it for you. Google has made this possible as it had added another useful data-saving feature to its Chrome browser. I will croon it Chrome browser data-saving feature.

This new Chrome browser data-saving feature automatically helps you download or save news articles when your device is connected to the internet, so that they can be made available when you have turned off your data connection.

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And you don’t have to worry how Chrome will know what to download for you, bots have been getting really crazy these days, Chrome will download these article for you based on your history and also popular contents in your location, say for example, World cup is the trending keyword in Nigeria, its going to download relevant World Cup articles, this sounds cool right.

However, Google says the feature is mainly targeted to its Next Billion Markets (NBU), and has been made available to over 100 countries, including Nigeria.

In conclusion, the feature can be very helpful, especially if you are the type that reads articles a lot. You won’t have to spend and waste data online, but instead they would be present at your doorstep.

Don’t you think that is a great innovation? What’s your say?

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