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Are you the the type that just got your new android phone, well am going to be sorting out some of the best apps for your new android phone. Your phone might come pre-installed with some apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and some games. Now its time to get serious with some really cool Android apps.

Best apps for your new Android phone

Facebook Lite: Things in this world has gotten faster than anyone can comprehend, so also are some apps, do you care more about speed than features, this app is the simplified version of the normal Facebook app, though some features like calling has been removed it still makes sense, its over 4x faster than the normal app.

Messenger Lite: This also like Facebook Lite is a faster version of Facebook Messenger app. With some features like polls, app integrations, and video chatting removed the app is just too fast.

Pocket: The word pocket should give you an idea on what the it is used for, well its used for saving articles that you find while browsing the web, Twitter, Facebook, and so on so that you can read them later. If you’re someone who likes to read on their commute or catch up on articles later in the day when they’re off work, Pocket’s the way to go. Just pull up Android’s share sheet, tap the Pocket icon, and the article will be waiting for you later.

VSCO: Vsco got the best filter any app can give you, i can bet my house on that.It has an overwhelming breadth of filter options that’ll make your photos look closer to the film masterpieces you envisioned them as, and it has some basic editing tools built in beyond that to finish up your post-processing work.

Gboard – the Google keyboardThere isn’t any match for this Gboard among all its counterparts, one of the best features  is that Google search is integrated in this app, that is you can search for things anywhere on your Android. With lots of theme, you could even google a gif using the keyboard. Its just too good.

Greenify: The battery is the source of power of any phone so why won’t you want that battery to last a little longer, though latest OS like Nougat and Oreo now have their set of battery-saving tools and modes, but greenify goes beyond all that. Greenify helps hoe much battery apps use, it kills and freezes apps you tell it when you aren’t using them.

Tasker: Tasker helps tweak you Android to perform pre-defined tasks, for example it automatically opens Spotify when you put in your head phones. The functions and actions are all defined by you. Note: It isn’t free.

True-Caller: This app is the real definition for diversity, flexiblility. Forget the adage, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” this is app is a master in all its section. Could used for messaging, calling, and even finding a someone’s phone number using just a name. It detects the name and  location of any unknown caller.

These few apps i mention above should make your Android experience nice and unique. Wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous and Happy New Year. For more article visit our tech tip section.

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